Dissolution of corporation

When a company ceases its operations, it must proceed with its dissolution. Benefit from our turnkey package.

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Do you want to dissolve your company?

We handle all legal formalities:

  • Drafting the dissolution form
  • Drafting the Quebec Declaration of Radiation in the case of a Canadian (federal) corporation
  • Drafting of the shareholders’ (or directors’) resolution approving the dissolution
  • Filing documents with the Registraire des entreprises du Québec and/or Corporations Canada
  • Obtaining the Certificate of Dissolution

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Dissolution of corporation with Accès Corportaif

Before starting the dissolution process

The dissolution must first be approved by the shareholders (or the company directors, as the case may be). The directors then proceed with the payment of the company’s debts and the remainder (what is left) is then distributed to the shareholders.

Before sending us your request, make sure you have sent all the documents and received all the refunds your company is entitled to from the various departments, agencies or financial institutions. The company must no longer have any assets or liabilities.


You must request the cancellation of the registration to the GST and QST files before your business dissolution. You must also request that the registration be cancelled in the files of the other commodity taxes the company is registered in.

Source deductions and employer contributions

Before a corporation is dissolved, the company, as an employer, must make its final payment and file the required forms within the prescribed time limits.

Corporate income tax

You are required to file a corporation income tax return for the tax year of the corporate dissolution if you are required to file a return for that tax year.

After dissolution of corporation

You must submit a final return to the CRA and send a copy of your dissolution certificate.

The Quebec company must be up to date on annual returns: if it is not, we can file the missing returns for you.

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