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Business incorporation services: we prepare all your documents! Our packages include:

  • The Articles of Incorporation with a description of the share capital
  • Name search (for incorporation with a name)
  • Certificate of incorporation, initial declaration or declaration of registration
  • The full minute book with the legal organization
  • Delivery included anywhere in Quebec: no need to travel!
  • The fees from the Registraire des entreprises du Québec and for federal corporations (Corporations Canada)
  • The Quebec Business Number (NEQ)

Incorporating your company provides many benefits

Compared to a sole proprietorship or self-employed status, an incorporated business has several important benefits.

Limited liability of the owners

When a business is incorporated, it becomes a separate legal person. This means that its owners are no longer liable for its debts and obligations. In fact, only the funds invested in the company by the shareholders remain their personal responsibility.

Company sustainability is easier to ensure

As a legal entity separate from its owner, the incorporated business can survive the death of its founder. New owners can also acquire it.

More favourable tax rates

Compared to the tax rates applied to the earned income of an individual or self-employed person, those imposed on incorporated businesses are generally lower. This means that the taxes payable on the net income from your business activities will be lower if you have your company incorporated.

The ability to defer taxes

As long as the company’s funds remain in its bank account, the amounts are not taxable. Only gains that are redistributed as dividends to shareholders will be taxable.

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