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Name research

Should you wish to obtain a corporate name for your corporation, we will perform a name search in order to determine whether the name is available in Quebec. If you have chosen a corporation under federal jurisdiction, this name search will be extended to the rest of Canada.

The promoters and/or founders of the corporation have the responsibility of making sure that the name they seek to use is available and in accordance with the legal dispositions in place.

Performing a name search, an often neglected aspect of constituting a corporation, is in fact a primordial task. The name search will reveal if already existing corporations are doing business, or have in the past done business, under a similar name. You wish to have a unique name that is not stained by the poor reputation of a firm that would have previously used this name.

At the federal level, a name search is an even more crucial task. If the preliminary search reveals that the name is available, we will order the NUANS report for you. The latter represents a list of the corporations doing business in Canada as well as the Canadian trademarks that have similarities with the name being searched for. Many erroneously believe that the fact of having a NUANS report in hand automatically signifies that the name will be approved by the concerned level of government. Corporations Canada renders its decision as per based upon this report.


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